Monday, 1 July 2013

Falling off the edge

Often, as I'm 'searching' for a shape, a gesture or a character, I'll draw and draw and draw. Suddenly, something clicks, the gears of creativity and imagination or whatever you want to call it clunk into place. Gears mesh and I'm away, usually wondering why it takes a while for the drive to engage.
The annoying thing is, the moment things start to happen, I've already filled the sheet with rubbish that looks like the five-year-old me was temporarily in control. I've drawn myself into the corner of the sheet and there's nowhere to go. I've lost count of the times where something great happens in the corner or edge of a sheet full of rubbish. When that happens, to maintain the spirit of the original, I simply add paper, taping and butting up one sheet to another for as long as the layout needs, and continue drawing, expanding onto a patchwork of paper.

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