Thursday, 29 November 2012

Finding my art

I often struggle to arrive at a character or pose or an element in a scene. When I hit this wall, I think of how my artistic heroes would handle the situation. I might even attempt to emulate their actions and draw what I think they'd draw. When that happens, I accept that the result isn't 'mine', so I continue drawing. Drawing and failing, until my own version battles through the 'impersonations' of others.
When it arrives, I know. It might have influences from those I admire, but I have to know that the result is from within me to enable me to take it forward to completion.

A conversation

I genuinely had this conversation yesterday on Facebook. All I have changed are the names and the spelling, for legibility.

Him: Hi there.  I've got a bit of a problem. I was wondering if you could help me out in any way.

Me: Go on.

Him: I've drawn a few things but I don't know if they're good enough.

Me: I don't know what you mean.

Him: I have posted a drawing and you will see what I mean.

Me: You posted it to where?

Him: The Facebook newsfeed and it's on my wall

Me: (I follow the link to his wall) Is that a rabbit playing football?

Him: No, it's an ant.

Me: What do you want of me?

Him: What do you think?

Me:  Of an ant playing football? Do you want me to comment on the idea or whether it's well drawn or what? I don't understand what my involvement is. Sorry, I think I'm missing the point.

Him: Is it good enough. Please comment on it and tell me if I can do figurines with it.

Me: You have to ask yourself - Who would buy it and why? What is different about it that makes it unique and special that would make someone want to pay money for it? As it is, I don't think it has anything going for it that would endear it to a potential buyer. Sorry.

Him: That's OK mate. I know I'm not any good, not as good as you and you have been doing it for years. So, are you telling me there's no way it'll sell?

Me: (at this point I Google 'ant football' and paste three images into a message and press 'Send'.

Him: I have been up all night thinking of something to put out there in the animal cartoon world and I came up with that. So, ants have been done then?

Me: Sure have. I get ideas all the time. The first thing I have to do is check on the internet to save me from wasting time developing an idea that someone else has tried and failed. Good luck.

Him: Thanks but if you know of anything that hasn't been done, can you tell me?

Me: Erm... you want a civil answer to that?

Him: Yes. I need help.