Sunday, 13 October 2013

Just before 'lights out'....

I've mentioned before about how I'll often go to shut down my studio for the night and pick up a pencil end up sketching out something that works. Same thing happened again this week. A little scribble spread like a stain across a 5" square piece of watercolour paper that just happened to be lying around.
I revisited it several times in recent days and put the finishing touches to it this afternoon.
Thought you'd like a peek.
It needs a caption though. If I think of one or someone suggests a good one, I'll add it later.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Here Be Monsters!

A while back I did a series of monster illustrations. They were to be used as promotional pieces for an advertising agency and I agreed not to show them until a reasonable time had passed.

I was given just a set of character traits and a free hand to arrive at a monster to carry them off.
Here are some of the creatures I sketched in development and had a fabulous time doing them.  In fact, some of these are too good to be languishing in a 'dormant' file.

I'll dig out the colour images as soon as I get round to it.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Just Screwing Around!

There are projects that are like walking through treacle laid down good and thick. Then there are the ones that come along like this:

Brief: "three screws, with human characteristics. Screw one is male flat head screw, who is surrounded by two female Philip head screws - the male is obviously flirting with and the girls are attracted to him and smiling and laughing.  The screws are standing on their points. The male has his arms around the females. He has a sly-lover boy grin. The girls swoon over him."

What's not to enjoy?

Pen and ink with watercolour wash.

Ride or Die

I had an interesting project during September. My client wanted a version of a scene from The Fast and the Furious 6 movie using kids on 'big wheel' trikes.
The pencil stage went smooth enough and I had a great time inking the line art. I resisted the temptation to ink every brick - something I find oddly relaxing.
I'd normally add watercolour washes to my inked art, but because neither the client or I had an immediate solution to the colour scheme of the city skyline, I decided to colour digitally keeping the colour on a separate layer to allow for adjustments
Thankfully, my initial block out was approved and the project sailed through without a hitch.
I was particularly pleased with the girl - she looks trouble, that one.

Images used courtesy of Packed House Publications

More Blue Bunnies

Those nice folks over at Align Technology, providers of the amazing Invisalign dental braces, decided there were gaps in their training plan and called on me to provide another batch of blue bunnies. I probably told you the reason the bunnies are blue is because I had to restrict my palette to match a Powerpoint presentation.
This batch went even smoother than the first time around, helped by me having already established the character.
I inked traditionally and converted the line to vectors and coloured everything in Illustrator.
The client wants the option of recolouring the entire collection, so it makes sense to keep everything as vector art.