Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Completely Enthralled

Everybody loves a good story and everybody remembers a good storyteller.

This is one of those pieces that I could touch up and tweak for all time. There comes a point where I have to stand back and tell myself it's done. I confess to having struggled to bring this one in. The balance of ambient and firelight was a tricky one, and I was a bit timid in getting there, but I got there in the end and I'm pleased with the result.
So, here's Enthralled and a few close-ups (for those that like that sort of thing).

The 'enthralled' of the title.

Our very enthusiastic storyteller.


  1. PETER!!!
    Your work is fantastic! I don't often comment on blogs but I found your work via a link of facebook ( I think HAI) and love what I see. At first I thought this was a digital illustration but was very pleased to see from the closeups that it's done in a medium very close to home for me. I also do watercolor as my primary medium. I'm still struggling to find my style a bit but for the time being have arrived at watercolor with the lines generally "inked" with watercolor or gouache and sometimes letting the pencil lines show through. I love your style. You've got the humor, the color sense, and a great sense of movement and expression in your art. I look forward to searching through your work and learning from your blog posts.

    1. That's very kind of you Matthew. I'm honoured you see me as inspiration.