Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Pushing Faces at Bedtime

In the Eighties and Nineties before the internet became all-powerful, I used to do a fair amount of work with photographers and model agencies. One agency specialised in 'characterful' faces and individuals. Every year, the agency released a catalogue, a printed one on paper with pages you could flip through and everything. I have several of those books and to me they are a playground and schoolroom.
Faces that show the lumps and bumps, the creases and the scars inflicted by life - things of beauty.
As I've said in previous posts, often as I'm shutting down the studio for the night, I'll do some 'wind down' sketches. My model catalogues are gleeful companions for such occasions and regularly provide inspiration.
I tend not to strive for likenesses, more that I look at how a face fits together. Often a face can look too 'real' for my work, so I'll nudge it in the right direction until it feels more mine.
Here's one from last night and the young man above is from some time last week.

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